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Vaccinations are critical to your pet's overall health and are usually administered during an annual exam. Vaccinations will be individualized per household depending on the pet's risk of contracting specific diseases. Vaccinations serve to protect our pets from the common infectious diseases and are necessary for boarding and grooming salons.  Ask us what vaccinations we would recommend for your pet!  For example:  for cats we are now using non-adjuvanted vaccinations.  (Some vaccines contain adjuvants which are used to "activate" the vaccine.)  Such adjuvants have recently been found to increase the likelihood of cancer in our cats.

The advantage of using non-adjuvanted vaccines is that we are not placing "foreign substances" into our cats which can potentially serve as a nitus for neoplasia.  We are pleased to offer these newer generation vaccines to our feline patients! 

Additionally, we are seeing an increased incidence of tick-borne disesases in recent years in our area, particularly Lyme.  If your pet goes outside or you live in or near the woods, then you need to consider protecting your pet with a Lyme vaccination series.

Dog getting Vaccinated