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Penelope's Project

Penelope's Project is a placement service that was formed to aid in finding rescue animals out of the Asheboro area a permanent home and their receptive families, a lifelong companion.

All of the animals have been surrendered and are in need of a permanent forever home. Every effort is made to make the placement a good match. Each animal that is placed will have received a full complementary veterinary examination, vaccinations (if due), fecal screening, deworming, heartworm screening prior to placement! If this sounds appealing to you, please fill out the application completely.

Penelope’s Project got its name from a domestic short-hair tortoise shell cat that was surrendered to the rescue organization. She was semi-feral and had several kittens. She developed a non-healing wound on the side of her neck and extended half way up her right ear. After repeated attempts by the rescue organization to get the wound to heal, Penelope was surrendered yet once again…She has undergone countless procedures to aid in reducing the size of her wound including: radiographs, several surgical procedures, countless bandaging, biopsy, tie-over bandages, wet-to-dry bandages, culture and sensitivities…and it continues to slowly heal today.   She is under the founder of Penelope’s Project’s personal care and direction. The wound has shrunk to ½ of its original size! She now will allow to be picked up for brief periods, purrs and serves as the inspiration for this project. Animals will be posted on a regular basis along with a short story as to their history.....It is now three years later.  Her wound has finally contracted and healed.  She doesn't have any hair in that region; but she's finally integrated with the other animals and is considered by her housemates as part of her rescue family.


To apply for Penelope's Project, please download the application, fill it out, and send to

If you find that your ark has room for another forever friend, please contact me at I will do my best to find a companion that meets your needs. Additionally, if you have extra pet food, litter, dog houses, blankets that the rescue organization could use, please contact me. I look forward to working with you. Know your donations will be put to good use. Thank-you!  Below you will find some of our recent placements...

Teresa L. Klatt, DVM


Foxy is a medium-sized collie-sheltie-chow-heeler mix that was placed after finding out that she was surrendered and lived exclusively in a crate. She had a probable food allergy and bad skin issues. She was adopted and placed on a salmon/sweet potato diet and her skin issues have since resolved. Foxy gets along with her new housemates including a Yorkshire terrier and multiple cats. She enjoys taking long walks and playing with her squeaky toys! She has adjusted well to being a house dog.


Buster is a small mixed breed dog that was placed with an elderly couple after their long-time pet companion died. When Buster was placed he was shy. Now he greets people at the door! We are having discussions about watching Buster’s weight…Buster enjoys running around his large fenced backyard and sitting on his owner’s lap.


Lulu is a small schnauzer mix dog. She adjusted very quickly to her new home and sitting on the couch in no time! She enjoys running around the yard with her housemate Lucy and the cats, sleeping with family members and sporting her new wardrobe of clothes! :)

Ollie aka Whiskers

Ollie was found and surrendered to the rescue organization when he was only three weeks old. He and his four other siblings were malnourished and being fed bologna by some children. All of the kittens displayed signs of respiratory infections. The kittens were bottle-fed and nursed to health. Though two of the kittens died, the others were all placed in forever homes! Ollie was a Christmas surprise for a college student. He loves his new home and they love him.


Mirabella was brought to introduced to Companion Animal Veterinary Services when she was in need of a spay. The rescue organization had Mirabella and was “keeping” her until the owner could move into a home that allowed pets. Upon examination, it was found that she has Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS or dry eye), and multiple older healed corneal ulcers on both eyes. The rescue organization was contacted for further questioning. It seems that the owner placed a topical flea product on the dog that caused her skin to burn and subsequently her hair to fall out. Additionally, the product must have gotten in both eyes therefore causing all of her eye issues. When the rescue organization contacted the owner and stated that she would need topical eye medication twice daily for the rest of her life, the owner couldn’t be bothered and surrendered her over. She has adapted very well to her new home and will even chase toys!


Jonah, his mother and 8 siblings were found by a kind hearted man who didn't have the means to care for them much less get them vaccinated and deformed. As a last effort to place them in suitable homes he went to Walmart to give them away. Any remaining were to be taken to the local shelter. When the animals were surrendered all were very thin, malnourished, wormy and needed nursing care. The mother weaned the pups and was spayed and is awaiting adoption. Jonah is now is living in his new forever home around Pittsboro.


Zach was surrendered to the rescue organization after his original family acquired a new puppy. He was then left to live alone outside and received very little attention. He lived at the rescue rescue organization for many years before he was adopted by his current owner.Zach now enjoys riding in the truck, going to the beach, sitting on his owner's lap and playing with the family's grandson! He is very happy.

Loretta Lynn

Meet Loretta Lynn! She was found malnourished, fearful, and alone in the road as a young weanling. Since placing her in her new home she has flourished!

Loretta Lynn has gained her confidence, has boundless energy, runs daily among sheep, goats, ponies, ducks, chickens, and Great Pyrenees dogs. She's a happy girl!


Yuri he was found roaming the streets of Randolph county with another dog who had a fractured leg after being hit by a car. Yuri was found to have heartworms. He is currently being treated for them. He was adopted into his new forever home where he has "couch" privileges, a fenced yard and lots of play toys. Yuri is a very happy and lucky boy!


Prissy game from the Randolph county animal shelter after being rescued from a puppy mill. She had a "cherry eye" fixed and was placed in a home where she's dressed up in outfits and lives the life of luxury now!

Anjee & Pepper

Anjee was found running loose after she was abused from her original owners. She had a tremendous distrust for humans. She was rescued and slowly worked with to gain human trust.

Pepper ended up at Penelope's project after she was a stray that was taken in and later surrendered after her owners were evicted. Both she and Anjee now have a wonderful home and enjoy playing on their " kitty gym".


This is Rowdy. He is an older cocker mix that came to Penelope's project for an inguinal hernia repair after being with the rescue for many years. He was deemed not to b adoptable because he had a history of biting and a chronic cough. He remained in our care for some time as he healed and the bookkeeper fell n love with him stating that she knew how it felt to b older n not wanted. They have been attached at the hip ever since!

Mr. Tuddy & Mrs. Wiggins

Meet Mr. Tuddy and Mrs. Wiggins ( alias Sandy and Friskey)! These siblings were found as very young kittens in a home where the owner had been found dead for several days. The kittens were then taken to the shelter where they were once again rescued and placed in a local rescue shelter until they were adopted. They have battled respiratory issues periodically.

Currently, they have been placed in their new forever home where they appear to be very content. They enjoy chasing one another throughout the house as well as climbing on their cat tree. What a lucky pair.... After getting off to such a shaky start!

Tiramisu (Suzi)

Tiramisu was found as a four month old in Randolph County near a local grocert store. The rescuer placed her on a screened porch with other kitties. She escaped and clibmed out onto the roof and cried for help! She came right down when she was called and was placed inside.

She was placed earlier this spring in her forever home where she plays chase with her housemate kitty. She enjoys laying on her "kitty gym" and watching birds, squirrels, and chipmunks out on the birdfeeder. She's such a lucky girl!


Sully appeared on a lady's back porch. We was very bony and hungry. He was only a few months old and appeared very lonely. He quickly made friends with the lady, her husband, daughter, and two dogs. The porch swing was his favorite spot. The lady fed him and had him neutered through Penelope's project. But she couldn't keep him because she and her daughter were very allergic to cats and their fur.

Sully was adopted out to a lady and daughter who already had one cat. Now Sully has his own inside home with a built in "puppy" for company!


Ginger came from a larger litter of Great Pyrenees/German Shepard mixed puppies. She was rescued by a lady; but was unable to keep her due to her size.Ginger was 40# at a very young age and very energetic. She was also an expert at escapaing from fences. Ginger wanted to be inside.

She was very smart and learned fast. In the Great Pyrenees tradition, Ginger was friendly to other dogs and cats in her foster home. (No matter how rude they were to her!) She was crate and house trained, leash trained, and spayed through Penelope's project.

Ginger was matched with a young college student who has roomates, runs daily, and hikes often. Ginger has plenty to do and gets lots of exercise. She is a very lucky girl!