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Summer Time with your pet!

Enjoy the summer with your pet! Summer is a time when we have the greatest risk of injury and of heat-related health problems.

It is also a time where our pets are most bothered by external parasites (Fleas & Ticks). Some of our pets become so sensitive to the bites of fleas and ticks that they may develop allergies or hot spots. Preventing this from occurring will help keep your pet more comfortable.

Here are some cool tips to keep your furry friend carefree during the upcoming hot days of summer:



Flea infestation is extremely common here in the south with our warm and humid environment. In recent years, fleas are becoming more resistant to insecticides and becoming more difficult to control. Here in the south, fleas can survive year-round on animals without proper control!

Fleas cause problems when they suck your pet's blood. As it sucks the blood, it injects a small amount of saliva into your pet's skin causing an allergic reaction. Biting and scratching in and around the groin area, thighs and around the rump are the most common signs of a flea allergy. Some pets are so allergic to the saliva that their reaction becomes generalized to the point that a moist dermatitis occurs (see Hot Spots), secondary to the flea bite reactions.

As our pets are biting at themselves, they can swallow a flea. This in turn causes our pet to get tapeworms.

Cat itching fleas.

Owners may notice tapeworms around the anus of the affected pet. We can provide owners with medication to eliminate the tapeworms. Until you control your fleas, your pet will continue to be bothered with tapeworms!

Prevention is the best way to tackle fleas and to avoid tapeworm infestation! There are a multitude of products on the market including:

  • Daily Sprays
  • Dips
  • Flea Collars
  • Topical Applications
  • Oral Medications

Daily Sprays and Dips kill on contact but have no residual effect. Collars work only around the neck region, while most fleas prefer the posterior region of animals.

In recent years, newer products have come on the market that have residual activity IF applied correctly. Such products are applied directly to the skin for optimal absorption in one to several spots along the top-line of the animal depending on its size and species. If correctly applied, fleas can be kept at bay for at least a month!

Oral Medications are also available for monthly use and are equally effective if administered properly.

Dog itching fleas.

Remember when using flea products, our flea season starts early in the spring and if not properly dealt with can become a year-round problem for owners!

Let me help you choose the best suited flea product for your pet!