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Hot Spots (Acute Moist Dermatitis)

Hot Spots occur most commonly in dense undercoat dogs during hot humid weather. It is caused by the animal traumatizing it's skin by chewing or scratching that can rapidly progress into the development of a moist reddened lesion (often within hours). These lesions are generally quite painful! These lesions will only worsen without veterinary help!

The most typical places for Hot Spots to occur are: on the face, ears, neck, torso and hind end of the animal. Hot Spot on the neck.

Hot Spots are generally treated with steroids, antibiotics and analgesics. They usually take several weeks to resolve.

If you suspect that your pet has a Hot Spot, don't wait! Seek help immediately to alleviate your pet's condition.

Dog Hot Spots, Skin Care. Hot Spot on the neck.
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