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K-Laser Treatment

What is Laser Therapy? K-Laser is a class IV Therapeutic Laser that is a nonsurgical, noninvasive and drug-free option offered to clients to aid in the reduction of pain and inflammation in their pets to improve the quality of their lives.

Therapeutic Lasers target weakened cells and work to increase the speed of healing by increasing the blood flow to the targeted area. By increasing the blood flow to the target area, oxygen and nutrients are released to the compromised cells. These cells in turn , release carbon dioxide and lactic acid (waste products), to the blood stream. As a net result, energy is created and the cell begins to heal itself by decreasing swelling, muscle spasms, inflammation, stiffness and pain. The injured area begins to return to normal and function is restored and the pain is relieved!

Laser Therapy has been found not only to speed healing time; but it also reduces inflammation and pain. As a result, range of motion can be restored thereby adding more quality to your pet's life.

Common uses for lasers include but are not limited to: intraoperative compromised tissue, post-surgical incisions, lacerations, declaws, routine surgical procedures; dental procedures including extractions and gingivitis; skin infection, hotspots, lick granulomas, ear hematomas; any abrasions or bites including snake, dog or cat bites; arthritis; joint pain; fractures; And this is just a sample of how the K-Laser can be used on your pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt? What does a treatment feel like? There is little to no sensation during treatment. Occasionally, there may be mild, soothing warmth or "tingling" as those areas that haven't been working properly are awakened. There could be an increased brief sensitivity over the areas of pain and inflammation just prior to pain reduction. This may leave the area to feel a little aggravated for several days as the healing process continues after treatment.

How long do the treatments take? How often can a patient be lasered? Treatment times will vary depending on the size of the area treated as well as the duration of the injury. Acute conditions may be treated daily, particularly if the pet is in significant pain. More chronic problems respond better with 2-3 treatments/week and then tapering to weekly to every other week with improvement. Typically the treatment will take 3-12 minutes.

How many treatments will it take? This will depend on the nature of the condition being treated. Acute conditions require fewer treatments than chronic conditions. For example: conditions such as arthritis may require periodic care to control pain.

How long before the results are felt? Improvement in pain may be evident after the first treatment. Yet in other times, particularly chronic conditions, it may take several treatments before noticeable improvement is seen. But remember, this doesn't mean that nothing is happening!  EACH TREATMENT IS CUMMULATIVE and results are often felt after 3-4 sessions.

Can laser therapy be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment? Laser therapy is often used with other forms of therapy, including: physical therapy, massage, soft tissue mobilization, pharmaceutical and even following surgery.

If you are concerned about your pet's quality of life, mobility, pain and healing capacity; or that the current medications your pet is taking are not relieving its pain, please contact us about the use of laser therapy on your pet. I think you will be VERY pleased with the outcome!  Also look on my Facebook page at the videos section to see animals that have gone through the 3-2-1 laser series and notice their improvement...