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It takes a long time to grow an old friend." --John Leonard

Euthanasia at home is a frequent request of veterinarians. It's never easy to say good-bye to a long-time companion. The procedure is done with your pet's dignity and comfort in mind.  

We will  tranquilize your pet prior to the euthanasia.  This aids in reducing the pet's and the owner's anxiety.  Additionally, it makes the transition more peaceful for everyone involved. Then once the sedation has taken effect, a barbiturate is administered in the veins to stop the heart.  Once deceased  owners can then bury their pets (if allowed in their area) or cremated.  There is a crematory service located in our area.  It's called Central Carolina Pet Crematory Service at 336-723-6500.

The following comments were made from clients who have been through this procedure  and what their perceptions of their experience were:

" I had arranged via e-mail for Dr. Klatt to come to have my senior adopted Dalmation euthanized at our home due to a chronic and debilitating condition associated with her age. Almost all of my friends, family, and acquaintances were shocked to learn that home euthanasia was an option. They all wanted to know how they could do this if ever needed.

Dr. Klatt was a very compassionate and kind person to meet me at our home on the day that I had asked for our Max. She was able to accomodate my wishes of having Max in our bed for me to hold him to let him go. I then had some final time with Max for myself and my other dog, Jekyll, to say our final goodbyes and take Max's body over to the crematory. Max's first and only owner had killed herself two years prior to this. Max had accepted this as his new forever home and it was very important to me to not have to take him anywhere else to let him go... I loved Max for those two years with everything I had. Now, nearly three months later I still miss him so much. Our house is so quiet and empty without his grumps and growls...

Thank you for taking the time to drive to Mocksville to meet Max and help reunite his sould with his first mom owner. What a great reunion for them. I will continue to share my experience of at-home euthanasia with pet moms and dads. Thanks again. "

--Kelly Sloan & Jekyll

"We always want to offer our pets the best medical care available.  Many owners hearts are not ready to accept what their brains know must be done.  But a time comes when a healthy quality of life is no longer possible.  At this point, euthanasia should be considered to end pain, suffering and further debilitation.  "Providing a good death for a patient is not quitting---its an essential treatment option!"--Jennifer Brandt

"Under the circumstances, today's service was excellent. Our family appreciated you explaining what you were going to do and what things might happen as we put our sweet kitty to sleep. You were very caring and compassionate."---Carol Muensterman

“Ms. Klatt was very kind and informative today. She helped our family with a heartbreaking event. We will call on Ms. Klatt in the future She took the pain away from our cat Monroe. Thank-you!”— Dwight and Vicky Wood

 "Dr .Klatt came today to put one of our dogs to sleep; so it was a very depressing situation.  She was very caring throughout the entire process, and she explained everything as she went along.  We know our Buddy went peacefully."---Russ Kemner

"Todays visit was sincere and peaceful.  Nothing like going to a vet hospital.  Dr. Klatt was explanatory and sincere.  This very difficult experience was peaceful for Marley and ourselves.  I would've loved to have house calls during Marley's life.  I wish I knew of you sooner to care for Marley at home for all of his medical needs instead of going to the dreaded vet office.  Thank-you Dr. Klatt."---Shanti Jones

"Dr. Klatt, thank-you to you and your mother for your loving care of Sierra to the end of his life."---Beth

"Dr. Klatt came to our home to euthanize our cat Topaz.   She was prompt and explained the procedure.  She was compassionate about our loss."---Dwight

"Dumbledorf's passing was very serene and I appreciate that it was described what would happen every step of the way. Performing this most humane act at home gave our cat such a stress-free passing. Not everyone can afford this service; but if you can, do it."---Loretta Averno

"It was a difficult thing to put down Obie; but Dr. Klatt made it much easier. She was kind and compassionate, but also very professional."---Jeffery Maggs

"Dr. Klatt came to our home today to euthanize our dog.  We really didn't think we could get him in the car and felt it would be less traumatic for him. I thought Dr. Klatt was great to explain everything we should expect as she helped us with our dog's passing. She was thorough, professional and compassionate."---Brynn Henry

"Dr. Klatt, thank-you for your kind, compassionate service with our Mandy.  Being there through the process helped us and your explanations and comfort helps with closure.  We also appreciate your showing us that nasty cancerous tumor and the consequences that would've come.  We certainly will recommend you to others.  God bless."---Linda and Art Russell

"The process today was very peaceful.  Diesel was very comfortable.  Dr. Klatt you are a very caring and compassionate lady.  Thank-you for helping us.---Angie and Jeff Stultz 

"Dr. Klatt,  We never know how deeply an act of kindness can touch a heart.  Just wanted to let you know how very much your thoughtfulness was appreciated.  Thank-you for helping make Quincy's last day a good day  We look forward to your help with our 2 new babies once they arrive!"---Cori and Rick H.

"Today our little Lucy was put to sleep.  Teresa was so kind and understanding during the process with us.  Being new to the area we didn't want to take our dog out of our home.  We appreciate that Dr. Klatt was able to come to our house and our family could be there together.  I will definitely use her again and refer her to others."--Bryan and Crystal Leadman

"Dr. Klatt took the time to explain everything to us and let our dog feel at ease with her presence.  Thank-you for your services.  We're so glad there are people who understand how traumatic it can be for pets to go to a veterinarian.  It makes it so much easier for"T the animals to feel safe in their own homes.  We appreciate the work you do so very much and may God bless you with your life and pracitce."--P. Cornett

"After calling about fifteen different vets in the area-none would make home visits...  .When Dr. Klatt answered the phone and said she was able to do it; it was like a wave of comfort.  Dr. Klatt, you are a very patient, kind and compassionate person who does an excellent job of comforting grieving clients with their sick pets.  Hopefully the next time I call you it will be under more pleasant circumstances."--Tammy Smith 

"Dr. Klatt made me feel better about putting my cat Garfield down.  He was in very bad shape.  Dr. Klatt was able to show me additional cancerous places in Garfield's mouth.   She took her time with us.  Dr. Klatt was wonderful with Garfield in his last minutes... Thanks again!--L. Sowers

"I was very pleased I could have Dr. Klatt come and help us through the process.  Dr. Klatt is a wonderful caring person that shows it with her patients.  Thank-you Dr. Klatt!" --S. Vincent

"Thank-you for making Lucy's last few minutes calm...You are an angel!"  --D. Huskey

"Today was alot easier than I thought it would be.  Dr. Klatt put her to sleep first (tranquilized)  and explained the whole process which was very helpful."--Brenda Tussey

"My experience with Dr. Klatt ...can only be described as one of the worst moments of my life.  I am so very thankful for Dr. Klatt.  She showed love and compassion and caring for not only my beloved Gracie, but for the whole family.  She is a Godsend.  I don't think I could have gotten through it without her". --Desi Anders

"Thank-you for making a very, very difficult day in my life easier.  You are a special person; your kindness will remain in my heart forever!...Many, many thanks."  --M. Blades

"Thank-you for all you did for Kia.  I cannot imagine another vet putting in all the time and compassion you have!"  --S. Henson

"Thank-you for your kind and professional service in assisting in the transition of our beloved kittie.  Your service to us will always be greatly cherished.  May God bless you always." --B. Martin

"Dr. Klatt, Just wanted to thank-you for being so kind when we put Leya to rest.  It was such a hard decision for Gerry and me; but you told us everything we needed to know step by step and you were so gentle with Leya!  Thank-you for helping us through the loss of our lives.  With heartfelt gratitiude," --Gerry and Phoebee Hardee.

"Dr. Klatt, Thanks for the wonderful care you give.  Gregg, Lauren and I want to thank-you for the way you handled Nina's home going.  Most of all, thank-you for your tears.  We did not feel so all alone in the moment thanks to you.  May God richly bless you!"--Aida, Gregg and Lauren Deason

"Thank you so much.  You made the passing as best as possible."--G.W.

"Dr. Klatt was very compassionate today with my dog and me.  Her services are excellent."--S. Tucker

"My visit today went very well considering the circumstances.  Harley, (my dog) and I were treated wonderfully.  I was very happy with the care and consideration Dr. Klatt Provided to Harley."--Robert Greene

"Dr. Klatt is the epitome of her profession.  She is kind, professional, thorough, gentle, intelligent, current, resourceful, confident, courageous as well as a compassionate listener!  She brought all this to my home and shined the light at the end of a long dark tunnel I had to travel down with my beloved German Shepherd.  She held a paw and my hand.  She dispensed peace along with her medicine.  I will be forever in her debt."--Sally Kayser 

"Dr. Klatt had the most professional, compassionate tmanner in our time of need.  She not only cared for our sick dog, but was concerned for us and our surviving pets.  She is the best.  I want to thank you for helping us through our difficult time. I appreciate knowing you are just a phone call away.  Thanks for your great services!"--Mike and Sharon Widener

"Thanks Dr. Klatt for all of Matilda's care through the years." --Barbara Lawyer

 "Today Dr. Klatt did a wonderful job under not so good circumstances.  Dr. Klatt took great care of my dog 'Chaps'.  It came to a point where his quality of life was not so good. Dr. Klatt was fantastic with him during the euthanasia process.  She was very comforting to us as well as our 9 year old son.  The knowledge that she showed seemed to be very extensive.  Dr. Klatt, thank you so much for being such a caring person.!--Cori Henson 

"Dr. Klatt, Steve and I thank you so much for making Jack's journey to the bridge as peaceful as possible.  Those decisions are difficult but necessary. We thank you so much for taking such good care of him."--Mary and Steve Hutchins

"Dear Dr. Klatt, Brian and I thank you (and your dear mother), for all your kindness to Boris and us over the past years.  How grateful we are to have "found' you.  With fond regards"--Brian and Diana Smeeton

"Dr. Klatt, I can't thank you enough for all of your support throughout our difficult times with our babies  Couldnt do it without you."--Katrina Lazar

"Today my visit with Dr. Klatt was very sad and devastating...yet Dr. Klatt was most comforting throughout the whole procedure.  I give Dr. Klatt 6 stars!--Dorothy Hagey

"Dr. Klatt, I want to thank-you so much for all the care you gave Rocky and for helpingto prolong his life so we could have him as long as possible.  He loved it whether you came to see him or his siblings (adopted).  We know he is free and happy now and we will see him again.  I'm sure Diesel was waiting for him."--Sandee Rothrock

"Dr. Klatt gets 5stars for her recent visit.  She came on short notice, was very compassionate and communicated everything well.  It was a very good visit.  I only wish we could've foud you earlier."--Stephen Bodenhamer

"Dr. Klatt was very friendly, knowedgeable, humane and made our situation less traumatic.  She talked us through it and made suggestions to help us post-euthanasia.  For this I give her 5 stars.  We appreciate your kindness."---Cathy Cantu

"Today's visit was a very difficult situation; but Teresa made it so much easier.  She felt like family!  Teresa handled everything very professional and personal. For this I will give her 5 stars plus!  Thanks."---Dennis and Bobbie Hobbs

"Today Dr. Klatt was very sincere.  Nothing like going to a vet hospital!   I would have loved to have house calls during Marley's life.  I wish I knew of you sooner to care for Marley here at home for his medical needs instead of taking him to the dreaded vet office.  Dr. Klatt was sincere and explainatory.  This difficult experience was peaceful for Marley and ourselves.  Thank-you Dr. Klatt!